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LAP Objectives

As the narrative on our website timeline demonstrates, LAP has legitimate concerns supported by current research into air quality and the potential health harms and risks that bad air brings. The actions of ABP, the EPA and the Courts have in different ways supported our concerns, and yet these same bodies are ruling in the favour of the socially irresponsible and convicted multinational. Yet we, and by inference the people who support us, are treated with contempt by the HSE, LCCC and CRH/ICL.

We’re not politicians and we’ve no political agenda, but we will make public-health an issue in local, mayoral, general and European elections until our concerns are understood by those who can deliver change. We demand that :


  1. The EPA should temporarily suspend the licence of CRH/Irish Cement.


  1. We are seeking funding for an independent review of the RPS report and their request for a Health Risk Assessment. The responses from the HSE and Public Health England and Dr Martin Hogan are utterly unsatisfactory and merely reinforce the concerns expressed at the August 2017 oral hearing by concerned residents.


  1. We continue to support the need for the Multi-Party Actions Bill 2017, which provides that proceedings which involve multiple parties, whether as plaintiffs or defendants, can be certified by the Court and will be signed into law.


  1. We will continue to support efforts to bring about an end to the EPA’s immunity that is presently before the Dail.


  1. We support strategies for improving monitoring in the city and we demand that LCCC replace or repair the monitors installed in 2017 and that they recognise that air quality is a matter that the people of this city take very seriously.


  1. We campaign for a commensurate punishment for polluters so that polluters really do pay. Fining CRH/ICL a few thousand euro for scattering tonnes of toxic dust across properties throughout this city makes a mockery of the law and enforcement. Fines should be registered in the millions and be proportionate with the massive profits of CRH.


  1. If necessary, we will challenge the Southern Environs Local Area Plan since we are steadfast in our view that further residential expansion in the Mungret/Raheen area and industrial incineration are mutually exclusive