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Solution to eradicate the use of disposable cups and improve the way of drinking in professional environment.

CleanCup® is a turnkey solution that distributes, collects and washes automatically, on site, reusable cups in order to eradicate the use of disposable cups and improve the way to drink in campuses, companies, and communities.

Every year the world uses 500 billion plastic cups and 16 billion plastic coated paper coffee cups. It is technically feasible to recycle disposable cups, but due to their complicated manufacturing process, hardly any throwaway plastics and paper cups end recycled. With CleanCup®, instead of taking a cup, one can fill it (with hot or cold drink), drink it, and throw it away. The user put a 1€ deposit in the machine to get a clean and empty cup. When the user has finished, he can put his cup back into the machine and get back his deposit. The machine automatically washes on site the cup, so that it can be re-used. Moreover, CleanCup® is monitored so that the client can follow in real-time all his flows: maintenance, number of distributed and collected glasses.

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