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Act now to help LAP

Step 1 : Object to the EPA – the process is still ongoing so object while you can, there are already over 4,000 objections!

Step 2 : Explain the information on this website to friends and family and email links to friends and family. Help spread the word.

Step 3 : Get involved with Limerick Against Pollution:

Subscribe to our mailing list via the form on this page.

#Visit our Facebook page or text join to ‘085 1509684’ and we will be in touch on how you can help.

Step 4 : Write letters and contact the HSE, the EPA, and LCCC and your public representatives and explain that you are actively concerned! #

When they arrive on your doorstep to ask for your vote tell them why you are worried.

Step 5 : Check the air quality in your area and report unusual activity to LAP and to LCCC. Follow this link to access https://www.airqweb.com

Step 6 : Support us through our online crowd funding link : https://ie.gofundme.com/f/eepvz-march-for-our-lives

If you can help or have any suggestions for our campaign, please email them directly to :