The impetus to form Limerick Against Pollution (LAP) arose from a lack of trust in the mechanisms that are supposed to protect public health and the well-being of the residents and the environment of the Shannon valley.


Limerick Against Pollution (LAP) express grave concerns about EPA Oral Hearing Decision

When CRH plc (Cement Roadstone Holdings) – Ireland’s most profitable multinational and the holding company of Irish Cement Limerick (ICL) – announced that they intended to incinerate waste in their old kiln in Castlemungret, we were alerted to the possible risks and dangers.

CRH/ICL claimed that they had concluded a positively-received public consultation with local communities and had secured the support of councillors.

Residents in Raheen and Dooradoyle knew this wasn’t true and started to ask questions …

From its first meeting in May 2016, Limerick Against Pollution has grown into a citizen-led, civil society organisation concerned with analysing the risks to public health, to community well-being and to the environment.

Irish Cement Plant – Limerick

We are particularly concerned with a risk known as an Incremental Lifetime Cancer Risk (ILCR), where the chances of becoming seriously ill increase in proportion to the amounts of toxic particles and substances that are ingested into our bodies over a long period.

We believe that the health risks arising from the change of use of the Mungret Cement plant have not been disclosed in a socially responsible way. Furthermore, the public bodies that are charged with protecting our well-being and the health of our environment in trust for future generations are failing us, as they failed women over the cervical smear checks.

As we see it, the air is a shared resource system and the dangers involved in CRH/ICL’s plans to incinerate hazardous waste and to emit potentially lethal doses of cancerous toxins into that shared air system threatens the fundamental life force of our community.

We speak for the thousands of citizens across this city and region who have supported our campaigns.

Throughout our site, we map our story so far … it is your story too.